ACN-LS – Modular Timecode Slate and Display

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The timecode slate with full ACN integration

The ACN-LS timecode slate is a highly accurate smart-slate system featuring a unique product design and functionality.

The completely revised LED timecode display features double the brightness at less than half of the power consumption of its predecessor. This allowed us to reduce the batteries to only 4 AA cells while still achieving prolonged battery life. Additionally, we equipped the new slate with light and motion sensors. Thus, the brightness can adjust automatically to the local light conditions, and the timecode display flips when the slate is turned upside down. The easy removable handle allows for perfect one-handed operation.


Use the display standalone as fully functional timecode interface”

With it’s all-new and revolutionary modular construction, the electronic section of the Lockit Slate can also serve as a fully functional, compact standalone display for documentary or desktop use.


Housed in a machined, pearl-blasted and anodized aluminum body, it can easily withstand the roughest production conditions.

Never loose the timecode when changing batteries…

Thanks to the built-in supercapacitor, the ACN-LS is able to hold the highly accurate timecode for more than 10 minutes after loss of power.
Changing batteries no longer automatically means  re-jaming the slate.
Transmit the clapped time directly to the script app
Use the Lockit Slate as Midi TC display and interface
Wooden clap sticks available
Free-of-charge LockitScript App

ACN-LD can also be ordered separate


Lockit Slate with wooden clapstick (ACN-LSW)

… more about Lockit Time Code
Technical Details
Highly accurate timecode generator
Supports all SMPTE frame rates
Adjustable TC offset
Generator buffered timecode transceiver
Full ACN support
Clap time transmission via ACN
Drift of less than 1 frame a day (~0,1ppm, 0,0ppm within ACN))
OLED Display for configuration
Extremly bright LED TC display
Conversion between LTC and MTC (via USB)
RS232, USB and GP I/O port
Rugged aluminum body
Easy changeable slate body
Stand alone mode
Only 4 AA batteries
Lockit Slate (ACN-LS | ACN-LSW)
Dimensions (WHD): approx. 280 x 215 x 30 mm
Weight: approx. 1100 g
Display module (ACN-LD)
Dimensions (WHD): approx. 210 x 65 x 27 mm
Weight (without batteries): approx. 450 g

LockitScript App

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