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The Original

For about 20 years, the Ambient Lockit is the market leading portable, timecode and sync generator worldwide. Like all Lockit devices, the ACL204 is based around a highly accurate, tunable, temperature compensated crystal for reliable synchronization of multiple devices without cables or fragile wireless transmission. The new ACN network generation adds even more accuracy and comfort to the system, while maintaining the renowned reliability. Surpassing the already comprehensive facilities of its predecessor, the ACL204 not only covers all timecode rates and sync formats, it also allows the user to apply an offset to the TC output to compensate for the processing delay created in most digital cameras. 3D camera rigs can be made lighter and neater by utilizing the 2nd TC output while the sync output can be switched to drive a dual load.

The built-in ACN enables for 0.0ppm drift, wireless tc & remote control

The integrated transceiver and the 2nd Lemo socket can be used to interface with an ACN system. It also allows the ACL 204 to work as a fully functional, generator buffered wireless timecode transceiver. With firmware version 3.1 or higher the new c-jam mode does not stop after the first jam. It will resend smaller timestamps every 4 seconds.

All receiving units now compare their internal generated timecode with the highly accurate timestamp and pull up or down the generator speed until they are perfectly matched. This way a drift between all ACN devices on set can be avoided completely. When used in a network with a Master Lockit, all ACL204 units and other ACN Lockits can be displayed, named and remote controlled via the Master Lockit web interface.

RED Digital Camera Features

ACL204RedWe proudly announce that RED Digital Cinema has joined the Ambient ACN family.
With firmware 4.1, all ACN-TL Tiny Lockit, ACL 204 Lockits, and ACN-ML Master Lockits are be able to read out and distribute metadata from RED Scarlet, Epic, and Weapon cameras that is then stored on a Master Lockit.
The stored metadata can then merge with data generated by the Script Supervisor using the LockitScript app, and exported to post, or accessed via the Master Lockit’s WiFi for DIT use.

Our RED protocol integration includes nifty feature which greatly simplifies the setup RED cameras and Lockits. When connecting the ACL 204 with the ACN-RCP cable to the CTRL port of the camera, the ACL 204 will automatically sense camera type, sync rate, and timecode frame rate – and match those settings. Then just connect the timecode / sync cable, and the RED camera is plug and play.

Use your Lockit as computer Timecode & Sync Interface
No mismatching Timecode & Sync settings anymore
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Technical Details
Highly accurate timecode generator
Generator buffered timecode transceiver
Drift of less than 1 frame a day (~0,1ppm, 0ppm within the ACN)
Supports all SMPTE frame rates
Supports all standard video sync and word clock formats
Sunlight readable OLED Display
Adjustable timecode offset
Dual Sync Mode, 2 TC Out for 3D use
Midi timecode interface with LTC/MTC conversion
Built in ACN transceiver with internal antenna
RS232, USB port
Works 30 hours on 2 AA batteries
Robust machined and anodized aluminum body
Dimensions: 100 mm x 74 mm x 36 mm
Weight (without batteries): 250 g

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