Antenna for Timecode Radio Link TC-TRXB

TRX-ANT-433, Radio Antenna, 433 MHz, short

The antenna utilizes a helical element to greatly reduce the physical length of the antenna housing. They are ideal for small products where cosmetic or functional requirements dictate a compact, aesthetically pleasing antenna package.
Despite its tiny size, the antenna is ruggedly constructed and able to withstand punishing environments just like larger whips and attach via an SMA connector.
Technical Details
Reduced-height helical whip
Excellent performance
Omni-directional pattern
Fully weatherized
Rugged & damage-resistant
Center Frequency: 433 MHz
Recom. Freq. Range: 425–440 MHz
Wavelength: ¼ wave
VSWR: < 1.9 typical at center
Peak Gain: –5.6dBi
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Oper. Temp. Range: –40°C to +90°C
Connector: SMA
Height: approx. 51 mm