DC Power Inserter

Technical Data

The BiasT is used to apply DC power to a coaxial antenna line for remotely powering the UFM230 filter/amp. The DC power applied to the BiasT (9 to 16 VDC) appears on the input port of the BiasT to power the UFM230 through the coaxial cable, but is isolated from the output port so it will not be applied to the input of the receiver.

The BiasT is normally placed near the receiver being fed by the coaxial cable, where power is available. The UFM230 filter/amp and antenna are placed at the opposite end of the coaxial cable, close to the antenna.

Power supply (not included with BiasT)
110V AC input
12V DC regulated output required for powering the BiasT
(CH20, DCR12/A8U and DCR12/A4U will work.)