Digital Hybrid Wireless® Super Miniature Transmitter

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50 mW isolated RF output

50 mW isolated RF output for long range and minimal interference dual-battery design for extended operational time

The dual battery SMDb model doubles the battery life of the original SM with the same feature set. All units feature an isolated output thus reducing IM (intermodulation), allowing for a greater number of channels in operation.

The splash-proof housing is machined out of a single block of aluminum, which is then plated with a super-hard, non-corrosive coating. The SM Series transmitters are equally at home in theatre, on tour, and in television and film production where temperature and environmental extremes require superior performance under the most demanding conditions.

Battery Life
Accessories for SMDB/E01
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Technical Details
Current-servo input for maximum dynamic range and acceptance of a wide variety of microphone types
Ultra-small size, LCD interface and remotecontrol capable (with RM)
50 mW isolated RF output for long range and minimal interference
Digital Hybrid Wireless_ for compandor-free audio and compatibility with analog receivers
Batteries: 2x 1,5 Volt AA lithium or rechargeable NiMH recommended
Dimensions (BTH): 60 x 58 x 16 mm
Weight (with batterie): approx. 105 g


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Digital Hybrid Wireless®, Super Miniature Transmitter