SuperCMIT 2 U

 SCHOEPS Shotgun microphone


New type of digital shotgun microphone with increased directivity, based on SCHOEPS’ extremely successful analog model CMIT 5

Diffuse sound is suppressed to an extraordinary degree

Completely new operating principle with two transducers

Patented digital signal processing algorithms from ILLUSONIC (patent pending)

Two-channel output, with SuperCMIT signal in channel 1 and (direct, single-transducer) CMIT signal in channel 2

SCHOEPS sound quality: transparent sound

AES42 Interface

On special request the SuperCMIT 2 U can be ordered with a grey surface.


A new approach to high directivity and sound quality
The SuperCMIT 2 U microphone uses patented technology from ILLUSONIC. In addition to the capsule behind the interference tube, it contains a second, rear-facing microphone capsule. Digital signal processing (DSP) can analyze both signals and thereby distinguish discrete versus diffuse sound energy. The two signals are then combined in a time- and frequency-dependent manner such that the directional effect for discrete sound energy is increased while the level of diffuse sound is reduced.
At high frequencies (above 6 kHz) only the signal from the front-facing capsule is used, since the interference tube already offers optimal effectiveness in that range.

Technical Details 
Firmware version2.0 (details)
Sensitivity-31 dBFS at 1 Pa
Equivalent noise level (A-weighted)channel 1: 14 dB-A
channel 2: 16 dB-A
Equivalent noise level (CCIR)channel 1: 27 dB
channel 2: 28 dB
Maximum SPL125 dB-SPL
80 Hz with 18 dB/oct.
5 dB lift at 10 kHz (shelving)
Powering10 V digital phantom powering (AES42)
Current consumption170 mA
OutputAES42, Mode 1, sample rate: 48 kHz, resolution: 24 bit
channel 1: SuperCMIT
channel 2: regular CMIT (shotgun signal only)
Latency periodat 1 kHz:
channel 1: 3.4 ms
channel 2: 1.6 ms
Length280 mm (11'')
Diameter21 mm (0.83'')
Weight112 grams (only 4 ounces!)


Suspension for Schoeps CMIT5 & Super CMIT


Windshield & suspensions system for smaller microphones