TRX742 – Freedom to Roam

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One Transmitter for any mic

The TRX742 is a plug-on style digital wireless microphone with interchangeable cones to support all professional microphone varieties – mono analog, stereo analog, AES and AES42 – making it an ideal choice for wireless transmission directly from boom poles or handheld microphones.

TRX742 comes standard with a built-in recorder, timecode reader / generator and the ability to receive timecode and remote control commands via ZaxNet. Its body is constructed from a combination of high strength nylon polymer and aluminum.

The TRX742 cones are easily swapped in the field for ultimate flexibility.

TRX742 comes standard with the cone of your choice, extra cones can be purchased as accessories.

Cone choices:

  • Mono Analog – 3-Pin XLR
  • Stereo Analog – 5-Pin XLR
  • AES (not powered) – 3-Pin XLR
  • AES42 (powered) – 3-Pin XLR

Digital Modulation

All of Zaxcom’s wireless microphone system uses only 100% digital modulation, this results in audio quality superior to any analog or digital hybrid FM wireless system.

Zaxcom transmits its audio as 1s and 0s in a 100% digital form so no companding is needed to alter the audio content; this results in a much higher quality reproduction of the original audio under all circumstances.

Conventional FM wireless systems, including standard companded FM and digital hybrid wireless, use analog FM modulation and contain no digital content. Noise reduction systems, pilot tone squelch, FM distortion and RF interference all contribute to system performance that cannot begin to match that of a pure 100% digital system like Zaxcom’s digital wireless.

The range of Zaxcom’s new digital wireless 2.0 is now equivalent to, or better than, that of any FM radio system.

Encrypted Audio
Intermodulation Resistant
Internal Backup Recording
Technical Details
Power output: 25 / 50 / 125 mW – Software Selectable (10 mW special order)
RF Modulation: Proprietary Digital Method
TRX742.5 RF Frequency Range: 512 - 614 MHz
TRX742.6 RF Frequency Range: 596 - 698 MHz
RF Frequency Step: 100 KHz
RF Bandwidth: 200 KHz
Channel Separation: 500 KHz (700 KHz recommended)
Antenna Connector: 50 ? SMA Female
Emission Designator: 180 KV2E
FCC Part: 74.861
Transmitter Audio
A-D Dynamic Range: 127dB
Analog distortion .0035 dB
A-D system: NeverClip Zaxcom proprietary (Pat Pending)
Frequency Response: Mode 0: 20 Hz to 16 kHz / T & M Mode 0.2 Hz to 16 kHz
High Pass Filter: Off or 30 to 220Hz, step 10Hz (6 dB per octave)
System Group Delay: 3.6 mS
Mic Connector: 3-Pin or 5-Pin XLR
Analog Mic Power: 48 V Phantom (10 mA max)
Digital Mic Power: 10 V AES42 compatible (200 mA max)
Mic impedance: 4.7 k ?
ADC Bit-Depth: 24 Bits
ADC Sampling-Rate: 24 Bits
Audio Interfaces: Balanced analog mono, balanced stereo, AES42, AES
Media: MicroSD Card (Flash Memory)
File Format: .ZAX
Recording Time: 96 Hours (16 GB card).
2.4 GHz ZaxNet Receiver
RF Frequency Range: 2.403 to 2.475 GHz
RF Modulation: Digital Spread Spectrum
RF Frequency Step: 0.001 GHz (1 MHz)
RF Bandwidth: 1 MHz
Channel Separation: 2 MHz
Sensitivity: -96 dBm.
Weight: 7.5 oz without batteries
Dimensions (H x W x D): 5 cm x 11.5 cm x 4 cm
Display: Graphic LCD.