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Big things really do come in small packages.

The Zax-Max has 6 analog inputs, 4 with mic pre amps featuring NeverClip™ and 2 AES digital inputs that can be used with AES42 microphones.  All these inputs can be mixed into a two-channel output bus over two sets of output connectors
that can be individually configured as line, mic and consumer output levels as well as a balanced mono and tape out. There are four AES direct outs and an AES stereo mix. The two-channel balanced camera returns doubles as balanced line level inputs.

Up to 8 tracks with 24 Bit and 192kHz

Zax-Max comes standard with the ability to record eight track on a CompactFlash card. Files can be recorded at up to 24 bit / 192 KHz with a dynamic range of 137 dB.
The Zax-Max has an optional built-in RF camera link transmitter is ordered block specific, RF power output is adjustable up to 100 mW.  It has a 24MHz wide RF band pass filter to eliminate interference to receivers in the sound bag.
NeverClip™ (Patent Pending)
Optional Stereo Link
Auto Mixer & Surround Recording


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