Anniversary Special

It´s time to celebrate – and to upgrade your Lockit System

Choose any Lockit and get 25% discount if you send your old Lockit or Digi Slate back to us!
It sounds crazy, but every Lockit or Clockit will be accepted!

Select your desired ACN enabled Lockit device


RRP: € 289.00
25 anniversary special: € 216.75



RRP: € 710.00
25 anniversary special: € 532.50



RRP: € 910.00
25 anniversary special: € 682.50


RRP: € 1,385.00
25 anniversary special: € 1,038.75



RRP: € 1,040.00
25 anniversary special: € 780.00



RRP: € 1,130.00
25 anniversary special: € 847.50

ACN-LSW (wooden clap stick)

RRP: € 1,340.00
25 anniversary special: € 1,005.00


Enjoy the benefits of ACN!

Simply send your local reseller or us an email with a picture of the serial number of your old device and the model you would like to trade it for. You will receive your brand new ACN device with return shipping voucher or instructions.

… more about Lockit Time Code


* Terms and Conditions:
Each pre-ACN Lockit or Clockit qualifies for any but just one of the listed products. Shipping and taxes not included, prepayment required.