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Audiointerface, zum Befestigen am PIX-E-Monitor mit 1/4Zoll-Gewinde, zwei XLR-Ein- und Ausgängen, Mikrofonvorverstärker in Sound-Devices-Qualität, LED-Meter und dedizierte Transport- und Gainknöpfe.

“The PIX-LR is a great way to bring our renowned Sound Devices audio integrity into our Video Devices products line, and is a testament to our customer-focused product development.”

Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management and Design

Audio Accessory for the PIX-E Serie

The PIX-LR brings unparalleled world-class audio to the professinal video industry in a tiny, portable package.

This first-of-its-kind audio interface is an optional accessory that attaches securely to the bottom of any PIX-E Series of recording monitors: the 5-inch PIX-E5, the PIX-E5H (the HDMI only model), and the 7-inch PIX-E7.

The innovative pairing of camera-mount audio and video products fit perfectly into fast-paced, deadline-driven film, television, and broadcast production workflows.

Pristine Audio Quality
Dedicated Tactile Controls