What is the ACN and how does it work?

The ACN is a network technology developed by Ambient Recording. It enables all ACN ready Lockit devices to communicate, jam wireless other units in the network, and transmit collected metadata.

Continous Jam

The continuous jam (c-jam) is an ACN mode where one unit is chosen to be master. This device sends out sync broadcasts every 6 seconds. All ACN enabled units in c-jam mode and on the same channel now receive these highly accurate commands and compare their internal speed with the received time stamp.

If a drift is recognized the internal generator will automatically tune the speed of the Master. This is done imperceptably in the background.

The ingenious effect of this wireless synchronization is that all units in this c-jam network won’t drift at all anymore, and will work in the same pace with an accuracy of less than 8 micro seconds. (Corresponds to a fifth of a video line in full HD)

TX & RX mode

The ACN not only allows for wireless free run timecode application but also integrates a fully functional timecode transmitter and receiver into all ACN ready units.
When switching a Lockit unit into TX mode the unit will stop being a generator and transform into a timecode transmitter, thus the internal generator will stop and wait for an external timecode to transmit.

All ACN units in RX mode and the same channel now  receive the transmitted timecode and jam sync to it. So, even if the units gets out of range or are facing wireless problems they will still put out consistant timecode until they get the stop broadcast from the TX unit.