DI4D integrates Lockit Module

DI4D develops new HMC System with Lockit Technology at its heart.

Normally, you can find our Lockit family on the big film sets like “James Bond” or “Star Wars” to synchronize the different cameras and audio recorders. Our ACN technology partner, DI4D, has developed a new system with Lockit technology at its heart.

DI4D are world-leaders in performance-driven, facial animation services, supplying highly realistic facial animation for Oscar-winning films such as Blade Runner 2049 and AAA games like ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’. DI4D has been using our Lockit boxes for years to ensure their equipment is synchronized on sets all over the world.

We’re proud to announce that our OEM Lockit Module has been integrated into the heart of DI4D’s new Helmet Mounted Camera system (HMC). DI4D’s new HMC will allow them to continue to push the boundaries of realistic facial animation and performance capture in films and video games.

When they first asked us if they could integrate our Lockit Module in their pipeline, we did not know exactly what they would use our highly accurate wireless timecode for – so we asked them. As DI4D’s COO, Douglas Green explains, there were many reasons that led DI4D to choose our Lockit technology.

DI4D began developing an early prototype version of their HMC in 2014 using the TinyLockit (a predecessor of the current NanoLockit). DI4D’s new HMC has been designed with custom electronics that make extensive use of the OEM Lockit Module, allowing them to take full advantage of features such as wireless control and synchronization of multiple HMCs via our ACN (Ambient Communication Network).
DI4D’s unique facial animation pipeline is based on 4D data (a 3D surface per frame) generated from the actor’s performance. The 4D data is created using a technique known as passive stereo photogrammetry, which requires a synchronized, stereo pair of cameras to record the actors face. DI4D were able to use the Lockit Module’s PPF signal to control and synchronize the HMC cameras at standard frame rates.

Performance capture shoots involve capturing the performance of multiple actors. To fully capture an actor’s performance, the facial performance, body performance and vocal performance must all be captured at the same time. To do this, motion capture studios use motion capture systems, audio recording equipment and reference cameras, all synchronised to the same timecode. DI4D’s HMC also had to be able to synchronise with all of this equipment. By using the Lockit Module with our ACN, the HMCs can easily be synchronised to all the other equipment used.

By using the Lockit Module and our ACN, DI4D’s HMC can seamlessly integrate into any motion capture or film studio environment and can create huge time savings in post-production. Most importantly for DI4D, they can continue to create more realistic facial animation and more realistic characters!

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