Viviana Cloud put to the test

Conveniently save all sound files to the cloud during the day of shooting – that is the promise of the Viviana Cloud Box. We tested the new device for you on a shoot and checked it thoroughly. Our audio recorder on the test day was the MixPre 3 from Sound Devices, because the Viviana Cloud Box is currently only compatible with the newer MixPre and 8 series from Sound Devices.


What you need besides the Viviana Cloud Box is the associated smartphone app. It is currently available for iOS devices with iOS 14 or higher – we tested it on the iPad and iPhone, which works equally well. First, you have to pair the smartphone and the box via Bluetooth. Attention: this is a single Bluetooth connection. If you are already paired with a device, no other device can connect to the Viviana Cloud Box.

This is how it works: turn on the box and press the single button – that’s self-explanatory 😊 For more information on what you can do with it and what the various status LEDs mean can be found here.

You then add your Dropbox account in the app. The data is then synchronized to this account. The upload happens either via a locally available WLAN or via a hotspot of your smartphone. The latter, of course, consumes a lot of data volume, since the raw files are uploaded.


Here we go:

To save the clips from the recorder to the cloud, you now have to connect the Viviana Cloud Box to the MixPre via USB. Note: Use the USB-A 2.0 port for this as data only flows via this port. The USB-C port can be used to charge the internal battery. Initially, our recorder was not automatically detected in the app.

The trick: go to “File Transfer” in the menu of the MixPre-3 under “System” (submenu page 3) and stay in this screen until the upload is complete. Then the MixPre will appear like a folder in the Viviana Cloud app, and you can upload selected files to Dropbox. Done.



Conclusion of the Viviana Cloud:

Viviana Cloud saves you time. Once you have set it up, the Viviana Cloud Box is a smart little helper that makes sound files available to production/post-production at the touch of a button – without having to fire up the laptop after shooting. Another practical feature is the ability to export a sound report automatically generated from the metadata as a PDF file.

If you have any questions about the Viviana Cloud Box, feel free to contact us.


Viviana Cloud

Viviana Cloud is the new cloud solution for sound professionals from Italy