Emesser ATE 308

Very compact condenser “figure-of-eight” microphone


V-Mount Slot for receivers with UniSlot adaptor, AB Gold Mount


SYNC-OUT cable, 5-pin Push-Pull connector to BNC/M 90°


3-in-1 Box
Power Distribution, Timecode & Sync and Metadata Recording


Timecode and Sync output cable for ACN-ML and ACN-CL


Meta data interface cable MLP-Cooke/i Zeiss CP3

Master Lockit – Sound Devices Control

Master Lockit functionality to Sound Devices 6-Series Mixer / Recorders and 788T Recorders Remote control your Sound Devices recorder Track Metering with 788T and Excel sound reports This is all you need Firmware Download

Ambient Control Network

Wireless Ambient Control Network ACN Channels The Ambient Control Network is a proprietary network technology built into the newest generation of Lockit devices. The new control center for all Lockits in your arsenal Metadata Network DIT Features The ACN is only one of three components of the sophisticated LockitNetwork system The next step in digital… Read more »


Breakaway cable for Sound Devices 688, 664, 552, 442, TW LP4ST i, SQN4 (old designs), Cooper CS104, TW Electronic LP44, LP4 32