Quick Release Mount

 ACM-204 – Ambient Lockit Mount


The Ambient Lockit Mount (ACM-204) is a quick release mount with a fixable 3/8” male thread (ACM-MS) for the Tiny Lockit as well as for all Ambient timecode units.
There is also available a quick release with 3/8″ female thread (ACM-FS)

This makes the use of adhesive Hook-and-Loop tape (Velkro) to attach your Lockit device to the camera a relic of the past.

For older Lockits and/ or other Ambient Lockit units we recommend the quick release mount for the Tiny Lockit (ACM-TL).

Purchased Parts Package

Lockit Mount back plate mounted with quick release bracket
one 3/8″ male divided fixable thread (including Allen key®)
four torx threads reserves (including torx wrench)
one double-sided piece of gluten for mounting other timecode units

Tasche für den Ambient Lockit
Technical Details
Plate |
Dimensions (WHD): 69 x 96 x 1mm
Material: pearl blasted, anodized aluminum, black
Release body |
Dimensions (WHD): approx. 30 x 40 x 6mm
Material: pearl blasted, anodized aluminum, black
Sucker pin
Material: POM
Weight (complete): approx. 40 g