Battery Power Distribution, AKKUPACK

 AKKUPACK, Portable Power Supply


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This unit fits in the mixer bag and can power a complete setup including radio mikes, mixer and recorder from a single battery through multiple Hirose 4-pin outputs and a master switch.

The power packs is mounted onto a plate that will ensure firm fit in the pouch and provide a compact, rigid support for radio receivers etc. to be velcroed in place

The AKKUPACK has a closed, spring-loaded NP1 compartment.

Equipped with 3x Hirose 4-pin sockets and 1x Hirose 4-pin male output cable.

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Technical Details
3x 4-pin Hirose sockets & output cable with 4-pin Hirose plug connector
Size of plate (HWD): 2 x 160 x 260 mm
Size AKKUPACK (HWD): 35 x 220 x 75 mm
Weight (without Battery): ca. 650 g
Material (body & plate): anodized aluminum, black
Length (cable): approx. 40 cm