Lockit Antenna, right angle

ANT-2.4-SMA-M90 – External antenna right angle for Lockit devices


This antenna utilizes a helical element togreatly reduce the physical length of the antenna housing.

They are ideal for products requiring an ultra-compact, aesthetically pleasing antenna in a right angle form factor.

Despite their tiny size, they are ruggedly constructed and able to withstand punishing environments just like our larger whips.

The 2.45 GHz version attach with a standard SMA connector.

Technical Details
Right angle mount
Excellent performance
Omnidirectional pattern
Fully weatherized
Flexible main shaft
Rugged & damage-resistant
Metal enclosures
Center Frequence 2.45GHz
Bandwidth 300MHz
Wavelength 1/4-wave
VSWR <2.0 typ. at center
Impedance 50 ohms
Connector SMA plug