Knowing a chain is always just as strong as its weakest link, we at Ambient are paying greatest attention to what is often neglected and dealt with low priority.

Requirements for location equipment differ considerably from stage applications. Still, most suppliers provide cables exclusively for that purpose.

Though thin in diameter, the polyurethane coating gives our cables an exceptional robustness and retains flexibility and integrity over a wide temperature range, making it the ideal choice for rough outdoor use.
Cord supported stranded wires and braided shielding add to the mechanical strength and assures best signal immunity against interference of any kind.

Below we show you a selection of our most popular cables.

Apart of this, we can offer a cabling solution for the most special application

– you name it – we got it.

Technical Details
Peridax cable
Braided screen
Technical Description:
Conductor: tin-plated stranded copper conductor
Isolation: perimer
Stranding: 2 (4) stranded insulated wires
Overall shielding: tin-plated copper wires
Sheath: peripur
Mechanical features:
Range of temperature:
Fixed usage | -40°F up to +176°F
Flexible usage | -13°F up to +176°F
Bending radius:
Fixed usage | 6x outer diameter
Flexible usage | 8x outer diameter

Adaptor Cables

Below we show you a selection of our most popular cables.