QFL – Acoustic Decoupler for Windshields


Datenblatt (Englisch)
One of the biggest problems sound recordists face is the sensitivity of microphones to handling noise compromising the recording. Despite an integrated soft suspension the issue exponentiates with the use of zeppelin type windshields as the shield itself is rigidly attached to the boom and forms a closed system. Any handling noise will travel directly onto the surface of the windshield which now acts like a gigantic membrane amplifying the noise being then picked up by the microphone. This becomes particularly evident when recording in stereo or surround where noise pickup is enhanced by the side/surround mikes.

The Floater QFL breaks this acoustic link between boom or stand and the mike assembly greatly reducing handling noise.

It consists of a lightweight chassis with decoupling elements at both ends. By picking the appropriate combination out of 3 membranes and a spacer ring the dampening effect can be adjusted in 4 different grades to match the weight of the mike assembly in use.

Although the kit contains all required parts the Floater is preconfigured to meet most applications. Also included are a universal flange QFR to reduce the spacing between windshield and Floater, a strip of elastic Velcro to strap the cable to the unit further blocking noise and a 3/8 thread stud and bushing. With the latter the Floater can be flipped around and be used as a noise suppressing pistol grip.

Purchased Parts Package (QFL-1)

Floater, QFL

Extra membrane, QFGR

Leather washer, QSPLW

Flange adaptor, QFR

3/8“ adaptor, QFL-M3/8

3/8“ stud, QFL-G3/8

Klettolastic fleece, Velk-lastic


Technical Details
Height: approx. 185 mm
Diameter: approx. 50 mm
Material: POM tube, Silikon decoupler, Alu tip/- thread
Weight: approx. 130 g