Breakout cable for mixer-camera loom with Lemo connector (TC-OUT) for timecode mixer side Sound Devices 664 / 633

To be used in conjunction with HBS7-7 / HBN7-7 and breakout on camera side HBY7TC-35, HBY7TC-35W or HBY7TC-5.

Ready to go assemblies for example are HBS664Y-7-5 or HBS664Y-7-35

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Technical Details
7-pin XLR male to 2x 3-pin XLR female
Return via 3.5 mm TRS mini right angle plug on coiled cord
Return mono
5-pin Lemo (timecode / out) connector
Length approx. 30 cm


Straight breakaway cable without breakout cable

HBS 7-7

Coiled breakaway cable without breakout cable