Get the most out of your Cooke /i and ZEISS XD lenses!

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Reads, stores and provides Cooke /i and ZEISS XD lens metadata

Connect a MasterLockitPlus to your Cooke /i or ZEISS XD lens for wireless interaction with Pomfort’s DIT tools.

This workflow streamlines production and post, saves time and cost, and eliminates guesswork to enable greater creative freedom.

You can now digitally record vital lens settings accurately — frame-by-frame — all synced to Timecode. This replaces the need to manually write down lens settings for every shot and eliminates human error. This is one task your script supervisor needn’t worry about.

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You can now streamline the production and post production processes saving time and cost while ensuring a better-quality product. This is now possible as the digital data you can now provide effectively takes the guess work out of the process. For example, artists can now create more accurate visual effects and 3D models with much greater speed. Everybody wins — ACs, DPs, Directors, Producers, VFX Artists.

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Additional Value #1: Part of the Ambient Lockit Timecode Family


The MasterLockitPlus is part of the highly accurate Lockit Timecode System.

Using Lockits enables easy and intuitive synchronization of cameras and audio recorders while making the alignment of captured material a one-click operation. This workflow saves time and money, while increasing focus on the creative tasks of the post-production.

The first Lockit box was introduced 25 years ago and has received numerous refinements. The Lockit family has since become an established system for mission-critical mobile timecode and synchronization.

Based around a very accurate, temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCVCXO) the system can be calibrated in the field to a reference deviation of less than +/- 0.1ppm.

With the newly implemented ACN Continuous Jam, the drift can be brought down to 0. This allows for a synchronicity typically only found in studios, and it doesn’t require hard wiring or relying on problematic RF transmission.

Additional Value #2: The on-set hub for technical and content metadata

The MasterLockitPlus is part of the LockitNetwork Production Service, that takes care of your daily on-set reports and metadata workflow from filmset to post-production.

Step 1

On set the Script Supervisor digitally gathers all content-related, technical and organizational information using the LockitScript iPad App.

Step 2

The collected information is automatically sent to the cloud-based LockitWebTools.

Step 3

In the WebTools the data is processed into:

– customizable digital reports and daily statistics.

– post-production files for direct ingest into your post-production tool – instead of manual entry from paper.


LockitScript App inclusive


The LockitScript app elegantly accommodates all the daily needs within the demanding role of a Script Supervisor. This comprehensive and time-saving tool reduces paperwork, duplicate listing and overtime after wrap.

Both the ACN timecode devices and the LockitNetwork apps are excellent stand-alone tools. When used together, these technologies provide accuracy and elegance unsurpassed by any other workflow.

That’s why we decided to include a free-of-charge LockitScript app license with upon registration all ACN Lockit devices (blue).

Register your Lockit here and receive the LockitScript promo code to get your LockitScript app.

Required equipment for ZEISS CP.3 metadata recording

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Technical Details
Integrated Lockit:
Highly accurate Lockit timecode generator
Generator buffered timecode transceiver
Drift of less than 1 frame a day (~0,1ppm)
No drift at all within the ACN
Supports all SMPTE frame rates
Sunlight readable OLED Display
Adjustable timecode output for recording TC on audio track
Built-In Hub:
Integrated 16GB server
Collects and stores all ACN and LockitScript metadata
Enables ACN - iOS LockitScript app communication
Reads and stores ARRI ALEXA metadata
Reads and stores RED camera metadata (all DSMC cams)
Reads and stores Sound Devices 788T & 6-series metadata
Creates Shot Log, Sound Report, ALE, CSV, JSON reports with collected metadata
Web Interface:
Remote Control of Master Lockit
Remote control of ACN ready Lockit devices
Remote control of Sound Devices 788T & 6-series recorders
Metadata Live view
Physical Details:
Material: anodized, pearl blasted aluminum
Dimensions: 91 x 64.5 x 33 mm (overall length with WiFi and SMA antenna detached: 102.5mm)
Mounting Options: 3/8" Thread, ACM-TL quick lock mount (not included)
Weight: approx. 275 g
Requires external DC Supply with 6-24V, 1.5A DC
Power consumption when charged / charging @ ext. DC Supply:
~ 500mA/850mA @ 6V
~ 250mA/ 400mA @ 12V DC
~ 150mA/ 200mA @ 24V DC
internal backup battery: Li-Ion backup battery, ~up to 3 hours when fully charged
2x USB
TC-Lemo 5-pin: tc I/O, adjustable tc level
2x ACN-Lemo 5-pin: 2nd tc I/O, Serial Interface
Hirose I/O to loop through DC