Dual LockTM

Reclosable Fasteners for Transportation Industry

Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners are positive-locking, blind fasteners designed for attaching headliner, wall and door panels in the transportation industry. The products feature mushroom-shaped polyolefin stems that snap together, forming a high tensile closure. Dual Lock reclosable fasteners are used primarily to secure rigid and semi-rigid surfaces.

2x 3,5 mm x 2,5 mm, weight approx. 1 g

Some examples are to prevent headliner sag, attach center consoles, instrument panel bezels, headliners, wall and door panels and other interior trim Dual Lock reclosable fasteners overcome the often difficult alignment and installation problems of screws and hidden fasteners.

Dual Lock reclosable fasteners offer a cost effective alternative to traditional fasteners.

  1. Easy Alignment

Dual Lock reclosable fasteners engage in any orientation. The heads slide over each other until they are engaged with firm pressure, eliminating concerns about misalignment, premature or incomplete engagement.

  1. Reclosability

Dual Lock reclosable fasteners can be opened and reclosed in high cycle life applications.

  1. Rattle-Free

Dual Lock reclosable fasteners typically won’t rattle loose.

  1. Blind Attachment

Dual Lock reclosable fasteners can be attached on the backside of a trim piece where it won’t interrupt the show surface.

  1. Ease of Assembly

Dual Lock reclosable fasteners can be attached to components before they enter the assembly plant, reducing the number of parts and the required assembly time.

  1. Multiple Attachment Methods

Dual Lock reclosable fasteners can be attached to a variety of surfaces by A) adhesive attachment with hot melt or pressure-sensitive adhesives, B) mechanical attachment using rigid back parts, C) high strength pop-in parts, D) sewing, E) stapling, or F) ultrasonic fusing. Custom mold-in parts for low temperature/low pressure mold applications are also available.

  1. Positive Locking

Dual Lock reclosable fasteners fasten with an audible snap, assuring secure closure