Battery Power Distribution

Portable Power Supply, NPFPAK



This unit fits in the mixer bag and can power a complete setup including radio mikes, mixer and recorder from a single battery through multiple Hirose 4-pin outputs and a master switch.

The power pack is mounted onto a plate that will ensure firm fit in the pouch and provide a compact, rigid support for radio receivers etc. to be velcroed in place.

On the NPFPAK front loader the battery can be loaded from the top for quick ‘n’ easy access.

Equipped with 4x Hirose 4-pin sockets, 1x Hirose 4-pin male output cable, main switch, fuse, voltage readout, option for regulated output 3V to full voltage, RF filtering

Technical Details
4x 4-pin Hirose sockets & 1x 4-pin Hirose male output cable
Size of plate (HWD): 2 x 160 x 260 mm
Size NPFPAK (HWD): approx. 35 x 220 x 75 mm
Weight (without Battery): approx. 590 g
Material (body & plate): anodized aluminum, black
Length (output cable): approx. 40 cm