ACN-PL – The 3-in-1 box

Power Distribution | Timecode & Sync | Metadata Recorder


No More Tangled Cables

The PowerLockit has one mission: to make work easier for the camera department and to minimize the number of boxes and cables on the camera.

As first device of its kind, the PowerLockit combines power distribution, timecode & sycing as well as metadata recording.


Always On

The PowerLockit uses V-Mount or GoldMount to connect to the batteries. When changing the battery, you can simply switch to studio power.

Powers Everything

The PowerLockit can power several devices besides the camera, thanks to the CamPower, 2-Pin, 3-Pin as well as USB-A and D-Tap connectors.

Made for your Gear

Thanks to the modular design of the PowerLockit, the device works with any type of camera. Just use the right breakout cable setup and the PowerLockit works with cameras like Canon, ARRI, RED, Panasonic or Sony.

Timecode & Sync

The PowerLockit is an enhanced Lockit, and therefore uses the industry standard Ambient timecode. That means highly accurate timecode and Genlock without any drift for any camera and any sound recorder.

Timecode as Reference

When using a professional editing software, all clips can be automatically assigned with the help of one timecode by just using one click.

Plug & Play

´The right breakout cable also takes care of the right sync settings, since the PowerLockit will configure automatically to the sync settings of the camera in use. Within the CAN, all project framerates on the set are synced.

Metadata Recorder

Additionally, the PowerLockit can record camera and lens metadata from supported devices* and transfer them via WiFI to software like LockitScript and Pomfort Live Grade.

*Supported cameras: ARRI, RED; lenses: Zeiss und Cooke /i3


Remote Control via WLAN

Use your smartphone or laptop to connect with the WiFi provided by the PowerLockit. In our web interface, you can set timecode, project framerate and more.

RED Remote Roll & LCS Pass-through

The PowerLockit reproduces the Sync & control ports of the RED camera exactly. Lens control system, record roll and tally signals are safe. Thanks to the triple functionalities of the PowerLockit, timecode and metadata are always included.

LockitScript App included


To make use of the full power of timecode and metadata, the LockitScript app is included free of charge with any purchase of a Lockit device.

Register your Lockit device and get a promo code.


Technical Details

1x CamPower
2x 2-Pin
1x 3-Pin R/S (24V reguliert)
1x USB A (5V / 2A plus Daten für optionale lokale Metadaten)
1x D-Tap


Breakout Setup


Breakout Cable Setup 1 – Arri Alexa Mini

Power: ARRI 8-Pin
Timecode: 5-Pin Push/Pull Right-Angled
Metadata: 10-Pin Ethernet Push/Pull Right-Angled

Breakout Cable Setup 2 – ARRI Alexa

Power: ARRI 2-Pin
Timecode: 5-Pin Push/Pull
Metadata: 10-Pin Ethernet Push/Pull

Breakout Cable Setup 3 – ARRI Alexa Plus / Studio

Power: ARRI 8-Pin
Timecode: 5-Pin Push/Pull
Metadata: 10-Pin Ethernet Push/Pull

Breakout Cable Setup 4 – Universal (e.g. Blackmagic Design / Canon)

Power: 4-Pin XLR
Timecode: BNC
Genlock: BNC (1080p)

Breakout Cable Setup 5 – Sony, Panasonic

Power: 4-Pin XLR
Timecode: BNC
Genlock: BNC (1080i/PsF)

Breakout Cable Setup 6 – Red

Power: 6-Pin Push/Pull
Timecode/Sync: 4-Pin Push/Pull
Metadata: 4-Pin Push/Pull

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