QuickPole Series 4 – QP Line

The highly rigid pole for scenic booming

Manufacturing the Quickpole
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 Precise Booming

Feature film boom ops have to face a unique set of challenges. Even though the shot requirements are often known in advance, wide camera angles, multi-cam shots, moving actors or cameras, and complicated lighting can tax the attention of the most seasoned field professional.
These professionals know that having the right tools close at hand is an absolute necessity.

Understanding feature film booming requirements, we specially designed multilayer pullwind carbon tubes with 1.5 mm wall thickness.

Less segments for extra control

We reduced the number of segments to four to add stiffness and better balance with the long lengths of the QP range. This provides the extra control in situations where a long, extended pole is required.
The extraordinary rigidity allows a boom operator to swing and point the microphone with great precision as the boom bounce is minimized preventing the microphone from dipping into the frame.

More comfort thanks to internal cabling.

Internal cabling is a disputed subject within the sound community. While the pre-cabled booms offer added convenience, they are, of course, more vulnerable to rattle noise. This is why Ambient provides the choice to the individual professional by offering the QP series boom poles in both cabled and uncabled versions.

The cabled booms are equipped with in-house production, optimized ultra-thin cables. With an effective shielding and a polyurethane insulation, these durable cables provide excellent endurance while maintaining flexibility even in temperatures as low as -40° C (-40° F).

QP 4140 - Feature Boom Pole (DISCONTINUED)

Length: 154 – 520 cm (5.05 ft – 17.06 ft)
With QP 120 – up to 675 cm (22.15 ft)

Weight: 1000 g (35.27 oz.)
Weight with QP 120 extension : 1420 g (50 oz.)

Cabled versions:
(mono wiring XLR-3-pin)
straight cable flow-through sideways outlet
(stereo wiring XLR-5-pin)
straight cable flow-through sideways outlet

Accessories for QP 4140 boom pole:
Internal straight cabling (QCSP)
Boom bag (ABB-160)
Boom Case (BC150)

QP 480 - Mini Feature Boom Pole (DISCONTINUED)

Length: 105 – 345 cm (3.44 ft – 11.32 ft)
Weight: 680 g (26.10 oz.)

Cabled versions:
(mono wiring XLR-3-pin)
straight cable flow-through sideways outlet
(stereo wiring XLR-5-pin)
straight cable flow-through sideways outlet

Accessories for QP 480 boom pole:
Internal straight cabling (QCSP)
Boom bag (ABB-110)
Boom case (BC100)

QP 120 - Boom Pole Extension

Mounting Instructions

Length: 140 cm (4.59 ft)
Weight: 420 g (14.2 oz.)
Diameter: OD = 35 mm
Pivot clamp (QMJ35)

Useful Accessories

All boom operators have their particular applications and workflows. To best integrate the Quickpole booms into all of these, Ambient offers a variety of accessories to customize and optimize each pole.

Tools such as the quick release tip „QuickLok“ (QRT) or the QWB wireless beltpack mount provide a comprehensive solution to sound engineers working in the field.

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Technical Details
Composed of 4 (up to 6) segments
1,5 mm custom made pull-braiding carbon fiber tube
Stainless steel tip with special hole for easy assembly of internal cabling
Straight internal cabling option (QCSP)