QuickPole Jumbo Line

The longest poles on the market

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Tripod mounted boom poles for recording concerts and crowd scenes

Typical applications include studio, classical music, church organ, feature film crowd scenes, and surround recordings when used with the A-RAY Surround Microphone Support. Jumbo booms have also been used to carry small cameras, lights, and measuring equipment or aerials. By using our Quickpole multilayer carbon fiber tubes with an increased OD up to 40mm with the Jumbo extension (QP 210), they can be extended to more than 10 meters.

The booms can be internally cabled, and a special tip permits thicker cables to pass through, even multicore cables required for multichannel recordings. The base of the QP Jumbo Boom Pole is fitted with a slotted tube, ring and karabiner for attaching a counter weight. Various accessories exist for mounting the booms on light-weight stands such as a pivoting clamp and counterweights.

Jumbo Poles are available in 2 length.

QP 5190 - Small Jumbo Boom Pole
Length: 212 – 860 cm (6.96 ft – 28.22 ft)
Weight: 1840 g (64.90 oz.)
Boom case (BC200)
Pivoting clamp (QMJ35)
Sand bag large (QMSB-L)
Sand bag (QMSB)
Internal straight cabling (QCSP)
Jumbo extension (QP 210)

QP 6200 - Jumbo Boom Pole
Length: 240 – 1060 cm (7.87 ft – 34.78 ft)
Weight: 2650 g (93.48 oz.)
Pivoting clamp (QAJ40)
Sand bag large (QMSB-L)
Sand bag (QMSB)
Internal straight cabling (QCSP)
Pivot clamp (QAJ40)

QP 210 - Jumbo Extension
Length: 205 cm (6.73 ft)
Weight: 740 g (26.10 oz.)
Diameter: OD = 40 mm
Converts the “Small” Jumbo (QP 5190) to the ”Large” Jumbo (QP 6200)
Pivot clamp (QAJ40)

Useful Accessories

All boom operators have their particular applications and workflows. To best integrate the Quickpole booms into all of these, Ambient offers a variety of accessories to customize and optimize each pole.

Tools such as the quick release tip „QuickLok“ (QRT) or the QWB wireless beltpack mount provide a comprehensive solution to sound engineers working in the field.

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Technical Details
Composed of 4 (up to 6) segments
1,5 mm custom made pull-braiding carbon fiber tube
Stainless steel tip with special hole for easy assembly of internal cabling
Straight internal cabling option (QCSP)