QP Series 5 – Cable Kits

Cable Retrofit – straight or coiled / mono or stereo

Cable Retrofit Manual   Video Tutorial

The newly designed tip and optional bottom end allow for easy, solder-free cable retrofit. Simply take off the tip, insert the pre-configured internal cabling and plug it into the butt-end. No muss, no fuss – that’s how a coupling system should be.

We offer both internal coiled XLR cables for shorter lengths and straight cables for extended lengths. The new bottom end is also available as an accessory for both straight and right-angle cable configuration. As an added bonus, our new bottom will also fit our older QuickPole boom poles.

Internal cabling is available for all booms, balanced mono or stereo. For lengths up to QP5130, coiled or straight or coiled cabling is offered, for the QP5150 straight cable only. Booms are also available with readily installed cable.


Available Cable Kits for the QuickPole Series 5


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