QuickPole Series 5

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Our best and most lightweight boom pole yet!

Boom poles are indispensable to record clear location audio on set and are a key component in every location sound recordist’s and boom operator’s kit (apart from audio recorders and mics). From feature films to streaming series and documentaries, boom poles help capture dialog and sounds in the best quality possible. A good boom pole should stow away cables and give your mic the necessary support.

We at Ambient work tirelessly to give you the best boom pole experience possible, and our QuickPole has done a great job to support boom operators all over the world. Now, we’ve revolutionized the QuickPole with the introduction of the new Series 5 QuickPole boom. Why Series 5? First, because it’s a 5-section boom. Second, because it’s built with the 5th generation of our boom pole tubes.
We’ve listened carefully to your feedback and developed this range to satisfy even the pickiest audio pros. Just like its predecessors, the QuickPole S5 is perfectly suited for the professional boom operator and on-location recording: ultra-lightweight, high quality and made from extremely durable material.  In short, it’s the most advanced carbon fiber boom pole we’ve ever developed.

Key Features

Light & Sturdy

Our Series 5 booms combine the best properties of the QXS and the QP series thanks to our exciting new tube technology. We use a custom-made carbon fiber compound with added UHM fiber layering. With this technology, the QuickPole S5 boom pole becomes as sturdy as the QP 4-segments series but is still as lightweight as the QXS 5-segments series. The new construction also allows us to introduce the new QP5150 model, a boom that extends to over 6 meters (20.99 ft): a well-balanced professional boom pole with no ifs, ands, or buts.


Easy extending and collapsing

On set, you have to work fast. Our Series 5 QuickPole addresses that with another new key feature: the new Teflon sheet plus a silicone-lubricated felts that make for silky-smooth extending and collapsing of our boom pole. The telescoping function of our pole works so quickly that you’ll be able to capture any sound source. The re-engineered locks give you better grip thanks to the refined knurling and slightly extended length.  We have tuned the threading further; with just a quarter turn the locks open and close securely yet lightning fast.


Intersectional twist protection

You’ll also love our new anti-twist mechanism of the pole-sections: we replaced the retention pin with an innovative serration. The lock pieces automatically fall into place when you disassemble and reassemble your pole for cleaning or maintenance – what used to be an easy process has become effortless.


Cable retrofit

The newly designed tip and optional bottom end allow for easy, solder-free cable retrofit. Simply take off the tip, insert the pre-configured internal cabling and plug it into the butt-end. No muss, no fuss – that’s how a coupling system should be.


We offer both internal coiled XLR cables for shorter lengths and straight cables for extended lengths. The new bottom end is also available as an accessory for both straight and right-angle cable configuration. As an added bonus, our new bottom will also fit our older QuickPole boom poles.

To safely store our poles, we offer water-repellant nylon boom pole bags and sturdy PVC boom cases. Bags and cases are available for all six sizes of our poles. Check out our other accessories like the QuickLok, Clamps and Adapters.

Models, Lengths & Weights

This carbon fiber boom pole is ideal for audio pros and boom operators who refuse to compromise on quality or convenience. This is why we offer the Series 5 pole in six different lengths: collapsed length ranges from 1.64 ft (50 cm) to 4.27 ft (150 cm). Extended length of our poles can go from 6.4 ft (195 cm) up to an impressive 20.99 ft (640 cm). Our longest pole can reach up to two stories high!


All lengths including tip and rubber bottom end.

Type Length collapsed mm (ft, in) Length extended mm (ft, in) Weight g (oz)
QP550 550 (1’ 9’’) 1850 (6’ 1’’) 450 (15.87)
QP565 690 (2’ 3’’) 2480 (8’ 1’’) 540 (19.05)
QP580 840 (2′ 9”) 3120 (10’ 3’’) 636 (22.43)
QP5100 1040 (3’ 5’’) 4020 (13’ 2’’) 760 (26.81)
QP5130 1340 (4’ 5’’) 5320 (17’ 5’’) 950 (33.51)
QP5150 1550 (5’ 1’’) 6370 (20’ 11’’) 1080 (38.10)

As an audio and location sound pro, you’ll find the new Series 5 QuickPole to be exactly what you need, even for the most challenging sets.