QS Premium Feature Film Boom Pole

The masterpiece of our boom pole factory

Manufacturing the Quickpole
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A pole without compromises, handcrafted in Germany.

Designing the QS was a dream come true for the development team. The goal was to make the best feature film pole possible. Thus, the decision was made to manufacture the QS boom pole from handmade prepreg carbon fiber tubes. Although an extremely time-consuming way to produce tubes, it provides Ambient the possibility to design the characteristics layer by layer.

Our aim was to create a boom so stiff, lightweight and well balanced that the boom op can operate a microphone precisely like a surgeon operating a scalpel, but from an 18 feet distance!

Tube design layer by layer for best performance.

Thus it is handmade out of Prepreg carbon. This is an extremely time-consuming way of production but it gives us the possibility to design the tube characteristics layer by layer. Our aim was to create a boom so stiff, lightweight and well balanced that the boom op can control his microphone like a surgeon controls his scalpel but from an 18 feet distance! Besides the tubing we refashioned the screw locks for better grip when working with gloves.

The result we achieved is nothing less than the stiffest, most precise boom on the market that can truly be called the best pole we ever built. The modular extension QP120 can quickly be added as a 5th segment and gives an extra boost of length for wide, large crowd shots without the weight when not in use. With an outer diameter of 35 mm the extension will also fit into a standard Manfrotto pivot clamp allows therefore stand mounting.

The QS pole is available in two sizes with optional extension.

QS - Premium Boom Pole
QSM - Mini Premium Boom Pole
QP 120 - Boom Pole Extension

Useful Accessories

All boom operators have their particular applications and workflows. To best integrate the Quickpole booms into all of these, Ambient offers a variety of accessories to customize and optimize each pole.

Tools such as the quick release tip „QuickLok“ (QRT) and “TOP TIP” multifunction support accessory (QAT), or the QWB wireless beltpack mount provide a comprehensive solution to sound engineers working in the field.

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Technical Details
Composed of 4 (up to 5) segments
1,6 mm hand made pre preg carbon fiber tube
Stainless steel tip with special hole for easy assembly of internal cabling
Straight internal cabling option (QCSP)