QX Light Boom Poles

Perfectly balanced boom pole for ENG and Video professionals


Manufacturing the Quickpole
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Designed for flexibility in work

The QX series was specifically designed for documentary and ENG booming work. Therefore, QX series poles are built with 5 segments to allow for a better collapsed to extended ratio. This enables easy transportation while providing long lengths when needed.
With an understanding of the rigors that the material must endure in everyday work situations, we designed the QX pull-wind carbon fiber tubes with a 1mm wall thickness to achieve light-weight with highdurability properties.

Selected materials

While all mechanical parts are machined out of aircraft aluminum, the 3/8″ thread is made out of solid stainless steel to survive thousands of microphone changes.
 Internal soft felt bushings ensure rattle free operation and no seizing by dirt, humidity or cold temperatures. Once necessary collet and felt can easily be replaced on maintenance by the user at minimal cost to give an “as new” feel.

When every moment counts

In ENG applications, situations arise where every second counts. Therefore, Ambient offers three different internal cabling options with multiple connector outlet variations to prevent cable “Spaghetti” when that critical situation occurs.

The cabled booms are equipped with in-house production, optimized ultra-thin cables. With an effective shielding and a polyurethane insulation, these durable cables provide excellent endurance while maintaining flexibility even in temperatures as low as -40° C (-40° F).

The QX is available in 5 different lengths.

QX 550 - Quickpole Light Boom Pole
QX 565 - Quickpole Light Boom Pole
QX 580 - Quickpole Light Boom Pole
QX 5100 - Quickpole Light Boom Pole
QX 5130 - Quickpole Light Boom Pole

Useful Accessories

Finally, the boom setup can be accented with a variety of accessories specifically designed to make the life of the boom operator easier.

Tools such as the quick release tip „QuickLok“ (QRT) or the QWB wireless beltpack mount provide a comprehensive solution to sound engineers working in the field.

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Technical Details
1 mm custom made pull-braiding carbon fiber tube
Stainless steel tip with special hole for easy assembly of internal cabling
Larger diameter for coiled internal cabling (QCCX or QCCXS)
Straight internal cabling option (QCSX)
Composed of 5 segments