Rycote Adapter

QFR – Universal Flange Adaptor


The universal flange adaptor (QFR) has a 3/8“ female thread and gives you the possibility directly mounting your Rycote wind shield to your boom pole in a second. Remove the pistol grip first, then assemble the Rycote adaptor on the Rycote attachment;

first, put the white shim on the thread, then the stainless steel shim and fix tight with the cross handle. Just thread the boom into the adaptor – that´s it.

The plastic shim prevents scratches on the attachment.

In addition, it is suitable as spare part for your TOP TIP multifunction support accessory (QAT) and Twister universal mic swivel (QUM).

Technical Details
Body (ØWH): 33 x 18 x 45 mm
Material: POM
Outer thread (ØL): 3/8“, 20 mm
Dimension (cross handle): Ø 25 mm, 18 mm long
Material (cross handle): plastic
Color (cross handle): black
Inner thread (cross handle): brass
Stainless steel shim: Ø = 18 mm
Plastic shim: Ø = 18 mm
Gross weight: 40 g