Surround Microphone Support

A-RAY – Portable, Versatile Microphone Rig

Technical Specifications | Accessories
This unique, portable microphone support allows the user to place 5 microphones (6th center surround arm optional available) at distances from 50 cm to over 2 meters apart in different configurations.
The construction uses a central rectangular axis, telescopic arms and special sliding nodes with toothed flanges and quick release skewers that provide fast and easy set up.

By arranging the nodes in plane or perpendicular, it is possible to create well known multiple microphone configurations such as Decca Tree and others including experimental 3D arrays.

The experimental character is emphasized by the possibility of adding more nodes to achieve setups with 7, 8 or 9 microphones.

Made of aluminum and carbon fiber, the A-RAY is lightweight while very strong, and folds down to a nicely-compact state for storage or transport in the included carrying pouch.
It is also available as a kit version (A-RAY-S).