Surround Rig

RS-5 – The only way to record underwater in surround!


The RS5 rig consists of two RS2 which are jointed with one center bar.

Thus, it also is made out of anodized aluminum and finished with universal joints glued in under high pressure. The special reinforced POM clamps are easily able to hold up to six flooded DS30 Spheres.

Finding the perfect buoyancy and balance is simple thanks to a 3/8″ thread attached to the center clamp of the RS5.

Assembly and disassembly with only 4 wing nuts for easy transportation

Disassembling the rig is done within seconds by only unscrewing 4 wing nuts. The single bars with only 80cm length fit easily into any diving bag.

Technical Details
Bars out of anodized aluminum
4 up to 6 universal joints
Massive POM Clamps for heavy load
5 degree raster
3/8" stainless steel thread