Antenna for Timecode Radio Link TC-TRXC

TRX-ANT-315L, Radio Antenna, 315 MHz, long


This antenna delivers outstanding performance in a rugged and cosmetically attractive package. The 315, 418 and 433 MHz monopole versions have a straight whip ¼ wave element.
The straight whip element delivers wide bandwidth and consistent performance. The antennas attach via a standard SMA connector.

Low cost

Excellent performance

Omni-directional pattern

Wide bandwidth

Very low VSWR

Fully weatherized

Flexible main shaft

Rugged & damage-resistant

SMA connector

Use with plastic enclosures

Technical Details
Excellent performance
Omni-directional pattern
Outstanding VSWR
Rugged & damage-resistant
Center Frequency: 315 MHz
Recmd. Freq. Range: 304–325 MHz
Wavelength: ¼-wave
VSWR: ? 2.0 typical at center
Peak Gain: 0dBi
Impedance: 50 Ohms
Connection: SMA
Oper. Temp. Range: –20°C to +70°C
Height: approx. 120 mm