Underwater Housing

SD-UW – The first professional housing for sound recorder

Especially for the Sound Devices 7 series we designed the first underwater housing for professional recorders.

Hard-anodized and PTFE coated for roughest production conditions

The housing is made out of hard-anodized, seawater-resistant aluminum, afterwhich it is PTFE coated to provide the highest possible durability and stability.
The machined cover, manufactured with the same seawater-resistant coatings, offers a perfect visibility of all recorder’s meters and displays thanks to a rugged polycarbonate window.

Clear visibility of meters, gain and displays thanks to a polycarbonate window

All 7 series Sound Devices are attached within seconds thanks to a flexible mount.
Up to 8 waterproof, underwater connectors allow you to record with most sophisticated surround techniques.
Thanks to a mechanical remote, the diver has full access to gain, record, and stop, as well as power functions.

Upgradeable with Stereo and Surround rig

Two handles offer optimal usability underwater, and excellent versatitity when mounting the RS2 Stereobar or  RS5 Surround Rig.

This system’s slight negative buoyancy can easily be adjusted for use with whatever you like to attach to your housing.

Waterproof up to 100m

With its static design, the SD-UW is waterproof up to a depth of 80 or even 100m.

This underwater housing was made to carry a complete sound system, and can easily be enlarged to a video, sound and light system thanks to 5 threads on housing and handles.

Technical Details
Material: Hard anodized seawater resistant aluminum, PTFE coated
Makrolon window for perfect meter & display overview
Waterproof up to 100m
Up to 8 waterproof Audio Inputs (5 Standard)
Two handles for perfect balance slightly negative buoyancy
Five M8 threads for Hydrophones, lights or camera


Surround Rig

RS-5 – The only way to record underwater in surround!