Universal Microphone Power Supply

UMP II – Microphone Input

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The UMP II was consequently designed for using Phantom or T-powered microphones on a “wireless boom” with typical belt pack transmitters.

The case is very light and uses 2 AA cells avoiding drain of the transmitter´s batteries and can be mounted either on the boom tip or carried on the belt with an optional clip (UMP-BC).

The autonomous supply avoids additional drain of the belt pack’s batteries and thus ensures long battery lifetime plus making the unit compatible with any transmitter with mike-level input.


The UMP II is compatible with any transmitter with mic-level input. In- and output connectors allow for individual configuration and are keyed against accidental interchange.

A 4 colored LED interface indicates battery status and selected powering mode that covers 12 and 48 Volt Phantom plus 12 V T-power.

Purchased parts package

Microphone power supply, UMP II

Microphone input cable, UMP-EMC

Transmitter connector cable, UMP-OUT/NC



Belt clip, UMP-BC

Quickpole Wireless Boom, QWB

Cables for the microphone power supply

Technische Details
Abmessungen (BHT): 57 mm x 92 mm x 18 mm
Gewicht (ohne Batterien): 100 g
Material: Aluminium Profilgehäuse, eloxiert
Mikrofonspeisearten: Phantom 48Volt | Phantom 12Volt | Tonader 12Volt
Stromversorgung: 3 Volt, 2x AA-Batterien (Mignon-Batterie, jede 1.5V)