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Battery Power Distribution, VPAKIII

VPAK III V-Mount power distribution to 5x Hirose

The VPAK III is designed for high capacity V-Mount camera batteries. It supplies power via 4-pin Hirose connectors for up to five devices. Further, it  features a USB charger port with 10 Watt output power so it can charge the  most power hungry pieces of equipment.

The Hirose connectors are protected by a self resetting fuse (release current 10A)
4x Hirose 4-pin socket, output cable with Hirose 4-pin plug connector

Delivered with adhesive hook-and-loop tape to mount the VPAK III on recorder or mixer.

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Technical Details
Dimensions : ca. 82 x 15 x 115 mm
USB charger port 10A
Weight: ca. 250 g
Material: POM
Output Cable Length: ca. 40 cm