633 Mixer | Recorder (Discontinued)

Six input compact mixer with integrated 10-track recorder

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The 633 is a compact, six-input mixer with 10-track integrated recorder featuring our new PowerSafe technology The 633 records 24-bit at 48kHz of all ten tracks (six tracks at either 94 kHz or 192 kHz.)

The 633 is Powered by a unique Quad Power supply with PowerSafe technology, the unit is operational from any of four power sources. Sources can include external DC (12-18 V), two removable 7.2 V L-type lithium ion cells, and six internal AA batteries. When all power sources are removed or depleted, the unit’s PowerSafe circuitry is activated

PowerSafe keeps the 633 operating for up to 10 seconds and ensures that all file operations are fully closed and the unit gracefully shuts down or gives time to connect a fresh power source.

Other features include Ambient Time Code Master Clock generator, intuitive menus via color LCD interface, multiple mic/line output configurations on XLR and TA-3 connectors, two-channel AES3 or AES42, four channels of AES output. Metadata editing via front panel or external USB Keyboard.


Kit includes:

633 SD Mixer

Ambient bag (KSTGS-A)

3x Audio Cables (XL-2F-AR)

2x Audio Cables (XL-2-AR)

Timecode cable (XL-LB2-AR)

2x Batteries

SD approved 32 GB CF card (SAM-32CF)

SD approved 32 GB SD card (SAM-32SD)

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Technical Details
3 mic/ line inputs (XLR)
3 line inputs (TA3)
6 output buses
AES3/AES42 input and selectable
AES3 output
Records WAV files up to 24-bit @ 192 kHz or MP3 to SD and CF cards
Powered by ext. DC (12-18V), Sony L-type (x2) or 6 AA (LR6) batteries
Features PowerSafe file protection
Internal TC Generator
Dimensions: 6cm x 24cm x 14cm
Weight (without batteries): 1,1kg


633 Kit with accessories and Stingray Small