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Digital 12-Track Recorder with Ambient Lockit Timecode


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The ultra-compact 788T records and plays back audio to and from its internal 160 GB SATA hard drive, CompactFlash, or external drives, making field recording simple and fast. The 788T-SSD version substitutes the hard drive with a 256 GB solid-state hard drive.

It writes and reads uncompressed PCM audio at 16 or 24 bits with sampling rates between 32 kHz and 96.096 kHz. The timecode implementation makes the 788T ready for any recording job from over-the-shoulder to cart-based production.

The 788T implements a no-compromise audio path that includes Sound Devices’ high-performance microphone preamplifiers. Designed specifically for high bandwidth, high bit rate digital recording, these preamps set a new standard for frequency response linearity, low distortion performance, and low noise.

With documentary and ENG mixing engineers in mind, the 788T is very small, while still being feature-rich. No other recorder on the market matches its size and feature set. In addition, its learning curve is quite short — powerful does not mean complicated.

Sound Devices took advantage of the best in professional and consumer electronic technologies to bring incredible feature depth with ease of use. Hard drives and CompactFlash are highly reliable, industry standard, and easily obtainable. With the ability to write to an external drive, low-cost, portable media can be delivered to post production. The removable, rechargeable battery is a standard Sony-compatible Li-ion camcorder battery pack. The 788T interconnects with Windows and Mac OS computers for convenient data transfer and backup.


788T Mix Assist Feature Overview

CL-WiFi Overvie

Purchased Parts Package
788T  Rekorder
Bag CS_man-Th
Power supply
Battery XL-B2-Th
FireWire Cable XL-1394-Th


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Technical Details
Time code: 5-pin Lemo, Sync & Wordclock I/O: BNC
Power: L/M Mount Li-Ion-Akku 7,2 V, ext. 4-pin Hirose 10-18 V
Dimensions: 279 x 168 x 53 mm
Weight (unit only): 2 kg


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