Cantar X3

Ultra rugged, Portable 24-Track Audio Recorder


Waterproof, dustproof, incredibly versatile.

Aaton Digital Cantar X3 is the newest version of the renowned Cantar series of audio recorders. Although the look and the user interface immediately feels familiar for Aaton users, the X3 is a new design right from the scratch.
With 54 inputs, 24 Tracks with a resolution of up to 192kHz, and simulatnious recording on up to 4 drives, the new Cantar is one massive portable recorder.
Technical Details
Analog and Digital Inputs
12 analog inputs on XLRs
8 low noise mic preamps with very high quality transformer, 48V Phantom, limiters and filters
4 analog line inputs
Multiple AES digital inputs includes 2 AES42 pairs (mode 2), 8 AES/EBU and a Dante Audinate network access
Mixer and Outputs
Ten tracks mixer plate with magnetic linear assignable faders
All inputs can be routed to any of the 24 tracks
All tracks and inputs can be routed to 8 analog auxiliary outputs and /or digital outputs
Mixdown can be assigned to any of the tracks
Recording Media
Records and playback to and from internal 256 Gg SSD drive (expandable SSD size)
Simultaneous recording to internal SSD drive, two SD cards and USB external drive
Metering and Controls
Ultra bright large swivelling display panel, visibility optimised for shoulder work or cart
Two large rotary control selectors for easy record and operations in any situations
Linear control faders addressable to any inputs and output
New improved interface menu accessible through buttons, jog wheel - All inputs and outputs monitoring and routing available through comprehensive and intuitive menus
USB keyboard input for easy metadata editing and routing control
Wifi and Bluetooth communication                                                                                          
Two identical on board quick release smart batteries insure seamless switchover during recording
One XLR4 DC 12-17 Volts input for extra power inputs when working on cart
More Specifications
Generates reports (PDF and database), patented auto slate detection
Housing made of machined avionic aluminium
Ultra-resistant coatings
Waterproof and dustproof
Dimensions: 240 X 320 X 90 mm
Modular conception for easy service and upgradibility of the Cantar X3