SCHOEPS Compact Microphone



Linear frequency response

Corrected for the direct sound field

For use close to the sound source (frontal sound incidence)

Preferred applications: close pickup of singers and instruments

As can be seen from the frequency response curve, this microphone type has flat frequency response for frontal sound incidence. This yields a very natural quality when picking up sound that is predominantly direct, i.e. close to the source or in a ”dry” acoustic. The sonic impression never becomes overly brilliant or ”sharp.”


Please note that there is some directivity at high frequencies due to the physics of sound wavelengths.

Thus even with an omnidirectional microphone, it still matters which way the capsule is “aimed.”

Top: frequency response curve and polar diagram MK 2 + CMC 6 and CCM 2
Bottom: frequency response MK 2 + CMC 6 xt
Technical Details 
Current consumption with 12 V8 mA
Current consumption with 48 V4 mA
Impedance90 Ω
Minimum recommended load impedance600 Ω
Low-cut frequency20 Hz
Length (L version)without connector: 46 - 58 mm
Length (U version)46 - 58 mm
Diameter20 mm
Weight (U-version)33 g
Weight (L-version)43 g
Surface finishmatte gray
Frequency range20 Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity16 mV/Pa
Equivalent noise level (A-weighted)11 dB-A
Equivalent noise level (CCIR)23 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio (A-weighted)83 dB-A
Maximum sound pressure level at 0.5% THD130 dB-SPL