New concept and technique.

Designed by Cinela specially for small microphones

Available in three sizes S, M and L as well as a XS and XL version, with interchangeable inserts for different microphone diameters 19, 20 and 21 mm, and a version with Sennheiser MZL8000 microphone cable.

Adapts boompoles as well as any camera or DSLR.

Schoeps MiniCMIT (COSI-L-21)
Schoeps CMC (COSI-L-20)
DPA4017C (COSI-L-19)

Sanken CS-M1 (COSI-M-19)

Sennheiser MKH8050, DPA4018C (COSI-S-19)

Schoeps CMC1U (COSI-XS-CMC1U), with or without CUT60 (but CUT60 is HIGHLY recommended). Special XS cage length.

Schoeps CMC1U (COSI-HLD-CMC1U). Specific microphone holder for the CMC1U if the user already owns a S version of the COSI.

MKH8060 with XLR (COSI-XL-19), with MZL8000 cable (COSI-L-8060) or with MZF8000 Filter Module (recommended) (COSI-XL-8060)

“… the Cinela windscreen is the ONLY windscreen that provides the all important wind protection and preserves the natural and real properties of the microphone —- just about as transparent as anyone could hope for.”  (Jeff Wexler)

Windshields Cage: Mic. Diam.: Microphones:
COSI-S-19 Short 19mm Sennheiser MKH8050
19mm DPA4018C
COSI-S-CCM Short 20mm Schoeps CCM specific
COSI-M-19 Medium 19mm Sanken CS-M1
COSI-M-22a Medium 21.8mm Neumann KM100/180
COSI-M-22b Medium 22.1mm Neumann KMA/KMD
COSI-L-19 Long 19mm DPA 4017C
COSI-L-20 Long 20mm Schoeps CMC
COSI-L-21 Long 21mm Schoeps MiniCMIT
COSI-L-8060 Long 19mm Sennheiser MKH8060 specific
COSI-L-CMS50 Long 22mm Sanken CMS-50 specific (w/ XLR5)
COSI-XL-19 XL 19mm Sennheiser MKH8060 + MZX
COSI-XL-8060 XL 19mm Sennheiser MKH8060 + MZF
COSI-XS-CMC1U Special XS 20mm Schoeps CMC1U (with or without CUT60 )
Microphone Holder Diameter: Microphones:
COSI-HLD-19 19mm Sennheiser MKH 8000 Serie, DPA
COSI-HLD-20 20mm Schoeps CMC
COSI-HLD-21 21mm Schoeps MiniCMIT
COSI-HLD-22a 22mm Neumann KM140/150/184/185
COSI-HLD-22b 22mm Neumann KMA/KMD
COSI-HLD-CMC1U 20mm Schoeps CMC1U
(only with existing S version of the COSI)
COSI-CABLE-8060 Cable for COSI-8060 (with 3D printed piece)
CAM-ADAPT COSI camera adapter, with blue knob