UHF Multi-Frequency Belt-Pack IFB Receiver

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Stores up to 10 frequency presets in memory
LCD interface for programming and operation
High sensitivity for extended operating range indoors or outdoors
USB port for firmware updates
Compact, rugged machined aluminum housing
Attached battery door
8+ hours battery life with removable LB-50 Li-ion
Dock chargeable with optional CHSIFBR1B

Wireless IFB (interruptible fold back) systems are used for talent cueing and crew communications in broadcast and motion picture production. In other cases, the IFB system is used by directors and other management to monitor program audio during a production. The IFBR1B receiver provides simplicity and flexibility in a package that is intuitive for untrained users to operate. Despite its tiny size, the new IFBR1B receiver offers excellent performance on par with all of Lectrosonics’ IFB products.

The IFBR1B is housed in a rugged aluminum package. A wire beltclip is included and provides a secure mounting on a wide variety of belts, pockets and fabrics. An optional “clamp style” spring-loaded belt clip is also available: the IFBR1BBCSL. The IFBR1B is powered for over 8 hours by a removeable, rechargeable LB-50 lithium ion battery. NOTE: The IFBR1B does not ship standard with the single battery charger. To order this unit with a charger, order as a kit: IFBR1B-WITH-CHARGER. The IFBR1B can be dock charged without removing the battery with the optional CHSIFBR1B.

Available frequency bands for the IFBR1B:

VHF (Red knob): 174-216 MHz (uses the IFBT4-VHF)
A1 (Blue knob): 470-537 MHz (uses the IFBT4-470, 19, or 20)
B1 (Blue knob): 537-614 MHz (uses the IFBT4-21, 22 or 23)
C1 (Blue knob): 614-692 MHz (uses the IFBT4-24, 25 or 26)
941 (Black knob): 941-960 MHz (uses the IFBT4-944)

Included Accessories

1 – 3.7 Volt Lithium Ion Battery LB-50 (Part # 40106-1)

1 – Wire belt clip (Part # 27258)

1 – Velcro Strain Relief (Part #VSR1)

1 – Manual

Optional Accessories


Charging dock for 4 units or batteries (no power supply included!)


Power supply for up to 4 CHSIFBR1B charging docks


Optional “clamp” type belt clip for IFBR1B
Spring loaded beltclip for IFBR1B Receiver


Wire belt clip for the IFBR1B Receiver


Rechargeable LiOn battery, LB-50 type, for IFBR1B,
for SSM Micro Transmitter (3.7V 1000 mAH), 6-hour runtime.


Multi-battery rack charger for LB-50/40106-1 LiOn batteries


Individual battery charger for LB-50/40106-1 LiOn batteries

Battery charger kit for Lectrosonics LB-50 battery; includes charger, EU plug adapter and vehicle auxiliary power cord


Velcro cable strain relief.

One piece mounts to receiver and the cable is held between that piece and a mating cover piece.

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