LMB/E01, Beltpack Transmitter

Digital Hybrid Wireless® Wide Band Transmitter

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The LMB/E01 is the latest successor in Lectrosonics’ line of economical beltpack transmitters designed for applications including theater, house of worship, TV, ENG, video and film production.

The LMB/E01 features an all-metal housing, wire belt clip, 50 mW of RF power, 25 or 100 kHz tuning steps (yielding up to 3,072 selectable frequencies) and an integrated multi-function switch with menu-selectable modes for power, mute or talkback. A graphic LCD and membrane switch panel plus IR synch port make setup and operation a snap. Power is provided via two AA batteries.

All three L Series units are available in three different frequency ranges for worldwide use:

A1 470.100 – 537.575 MHz
B1 537.600 – 614.375 MHz
C1 614.400 – 691.175 MHz

Overall system audio specifications are as follows:

Digital conversion: 24 bit/88.2 kHz sampling rate.
Frequency response: 40 to 20 kHz +/- 1 dB, THD+N = 0.3 % in Digital Hybrid mode, to 95 dB s/n ratio.
Audio output levels are adjustable from – 50 to +5 dBu in 1dB steps.

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Technical Details
Compander free audio
75 MHz pass band covers more than 12 NTSC TV channels or 8 PAL channels
UHF from 470-698MHz in three bands
User selectable tuning setups - 100kHz or 25kHz
Compatible with all Lectrosonics receivers
Emulation modes
Machine Aluminum Housing with wire belt clip
AA batteries
IR sync port
Multi-function top switch user programmable for Mute, Power or Disabled
50mW RF power output
24 bit/88.2 kHz sampling
.82" x 2.37" x 3.16"


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