MixPre-D, Mixer

Two-Channel Compact Field Mixer


MixPre-D panel L
MixPre-D panel R

The MixPre-D sets a new standard for compact, high-performance portable audio mixers. Powered by only two-AA batteries or 10-18 VDC, the MixPre-D is designed specifically for audio professionals needing the most flexible connectivity in production applications where capturing great sound is important, but size and weight are a concern.

The MixPre-D is also a class compliant USB portable audio hardware interface for Mac OS, Windows or Linux computers.

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Technical Details
Internal: 2 AA Batteries | 4 hours life typical | no phantom power
External: 10-17 VDC via 4-pol Hirose | pin 4 = + | pin 1 = - | completely isolated floating supply
Dimensions (WDH): 140 x 94 x 43 mm
Weight (with batteries): 0,7 kg