MixPre-M Series by Sound Devices

Studio-Quality 12-Track Portable Recorder with Overdub

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The meaning behind the M is simple – it’s designed by Musicians for Musicians.

The MixPre-M Product Series combines the ease of dedicated hardware recording with the essence of computer-based music production software into a lightweight, portable multitrack recorder and USB audio interface. Ideal for song creation or live performances, you can now focus on your art rather than your gear and trust an easy-to-use, reference-quality audio recorder to capture songs and ideas anywhere and anytime inspiration grabs you.


Track Laying   •   Overdub   •   Remix   •   Punch In/Out   •   Vintage Reverb & Vocal Air   •   Bouncing   •   Metronome   •   Export



User Guide | Specs

3 balanced XLR/TRS combo Mic/Line level inputs (each with 96dB of gain, 48v phantom power, low cut filters and limiters)

One 3.5mm 2-channel Aux/Mic input

One USB-C input for four channels from a MAC or PC

3 KASHMIR™ microphone preamps

5-in/2-out USB audio interface


User Guide | Specs

4 balanced XLR/TRS combo Mic/Line level inputs (each with 96dB of gain, 48v phantom power, low cut filters and limiters)

One 3.5mm 2-channel Aux/Mic input

One USB-C input for four channels from a MAC or PC

4 KASHMIR™ microphone preamps

8-in/4-out USB audio interface


User Guide | Specs

8 balanced XLR/TRS combo Mic/Line level inputs (each with 96dB of gain, 48v phantom power, low cut filters and limiters)

One 3.5mm 2-channel Aux/Mic input

One USB-C input for four channels from a MAC or PC

8 KASHMIR™ microphone preamps

12-in/4-out USB audio interface

Musician’s Portable Studio

The musician-focused features of the MixPre-M devices simplify typical computer-based music creation allowing you to create great songs rather than getting hung up in the technology. The MixPre allows you to simultaneously record, playback, mix, remix, monitor, layer, and overdub up to 12 tracks, and if you need more, the bounce feature helps free up tracks.

The MixPre-M features a built-in metronome to help keep your performance in time, while premium-quality, silky-smooth reverb and vocal air effects add depth to your recordings and can also inspire a great performance. The vocal air effect is an easily dialed-in combination of EQ and compression that results in a breathy intimacy to vocals, popular today with singer/songwriters.

When you record music, you will also appreciate the convenience of features such as punch in and out, and ability to locate to cue points.




Exceptional Audio Quality

The MixPre-M audio recorders feature high-performance, ultra-low-noise Sound Devices’ Kashmir™ microphone preamps.


These handcrafted preamps feature discrete, Class-A front-ends with analog limiters offering the highest quality, distortion-free audio recordings that far surpass those of other recorders using simple off-the-shelf, IC-based mic preamps. Even the finest details of your recordings will be captured, revealing the feel and emotion in your performance. Combined with our super low-noise preamps, you are free to focus on your performance rather than your levels.

Turn your amps up to 11 as these preamps are virtually unclippable!

Live Performance Companion

Not only is the MixPre-M Series great for creating songs, it’s also an aide for live performances. Whether being used as a mixer to feed a PA for smaller ensemble performances, or for playing back pre-prepared multi-channel backing tracks for your solo performances, the MixPre-M Series is perfect for live gigging.


Versatile I/O Routing


The MixPre-10 devices offer 3, 6 or 10 inputs:

You can route any of these physical inputs to any channel knob, eliminating the need to re-plug inputs when you want to record an input to a different track. Metronome can also be selected as an input, so you can record its click to a discrete track.

The MixPre-M’s two balanced outputs, two unbalanced outputs and stereo headphone output can be individually configured, providing a wealth of options for monitoring

Musician-Inspired User Experience

The MixPre-M’s musician-friendly, touch-screen interface and transport joystick enables you to quickly get those vocal melodies, instrumental hooks, and rhythms down. Once you’ve completed laying and overdubbing tracks, get that final mix in the bag using the dedicated, front panel knobs to control mix levels, pans, solos, mutes, reverb, air, and more.

The MixPre-M lets you save multiple copies of your songs; Record to a SD card, while automatically copying to a USB thumbdrive to safeguard your recording or hand off to a band member. At any time, share your multitrack song with other musicians, so that they can collaborate using their MixPre-M or favorite DAW. Export the mix to SD card, USB thumbdrive, or computer as a stereo WAV or AAC file — ideal for emailing or uploading to SoundCloud or other music sharing service.



Made-for-the-Road Design


Like all Sound Devices products, the MixPre-M is extremely durable. Constructed with a die-cast aluminum chassis, it is both lightweight and incredibly robust. Its ultra-compact size makes it the perfect musician companion – on the road or in the studio.

When on tour or at a gig, you need a recorder that’s portable and convenient to power, which is why the MixPre-M has multiple powering options:

Locking 4-pin power connection to AC or external battery

AA battery sled (holds eight; Lithium or NiMH recommended)

L-Mount sled (holds two hot-swappable Li-Ion batteries)

Multi-channel USB Audio Interface

As adept in the studio as on the road, the versatile MixPre-M devices operates as a USB audio interface with quality that rivals a standalone converter paired with boutique preamps.

The MixPre-M series features the unique ability to simultaneously record to an SD card while streaming audio via USB, ideal for recording computer-based software instruments, or backing up your takes while you’re tracking to a computer.


Metering and Monitoring

The MixPre-M incorporates a 12-channel mixer that offers easy-to-read ring LEDs and LCD metering with limiter activity for multitrack, mix, and USB return metering.

The MixPre-M also includes a powerful and clean custom-designed headphone amplifier enabling you to hear your recordings in their full glory, and efficiently monitor with a wide range of headphone impedances.