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Lectrosonics Power/ Audio Interface for 2x SRb or SRc Series Receiver

Designed for portable field production, the Quadpack simplifies the mounting and interconnection of two SRb or SRc Series compact receivers. Lightweight and rugged, it is perfectly at home in bag systems containing mixer, recorder and wireless transmitters used for audio feed to cameras.

One set of audio outputs is used to feed the recorder and the other set to feed wireless transmitters.

Power is taken from an external DC source via one or both connectors. Circuitry is employed between the two jacks that takes power from the source with the higher voltage. This can be used to provide a backup power supply where the DC is automatically taken from the opposite jack if power is interrupted at one of them.


Accepts two SRb, SRb5P, SRc or SRc5P receivers

Uses 25-pin Unislot adapter

Balanced XLR audio outputs

Balanced TA3M audio outputs

Output jack panels can be reversed

Locking coaxial DC power connector

4-pin Hirose DC power connector

Powder coated aluminum housing

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Technische Details
Maße: H 12,6cm x W 23,9cm x D 3,6cm
Gewicht: ohne Empfänger: 0.6614 kg | mit 1-SRa5P: 1.031 kg | mit 2-SRa5P: 1.077 kg
Power Interface Connector: dB-25 (Unislot)
Audio Anschlüsse: 4 symmetrische XLR-Male | 4 symmetrische TA3-Male
Power: Hirose 4-pin | Koaxial (LZR)
Stromverbrauch: 7 bis 18 VDC | 400 mA max


Power Interface: Rechargeable Battery Pack


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