Connector Kit

Technical Data

The RATPAC (Right Angle T connector PACkage) is a versatile kit for building a right angle connector for use with the SR receiver or Lectrosonics transmitters. The 3-pin configuration is normally used for the rear panel audio outputs of the SR receiver. The 5-pin configuration is the standard connector for most belt pack transmitters and the front panel outputs on the 5P version of the SR receiver.

The kit includes a standard TA5F connector, a 3-pin insert, modified cable clamp, modified backshell, tubing, set screws with wrench, and a machined aluminum right angle housing.

A standard TA connector sleeve is used with either a 3-pin or 5-pin insert and a modified cable clamp. The insert nests inside the sleeve and is held in place by a spacer and metal retainer. The sleeve is held in place by two set screws in the machined aluminum housing.

The shrink tubing can be used wherever it is useful to provide an additional strain relief. Cable is not included in the kit and is shown only to illustrate the use of the large and small silicon tubing.