Lectrosonics Remote Control for SM Series

Data sheet

The RM gives you remote control of SM Series transmitters* using an audible tone delivered through the lavaliere microphone attached to the unit. Operating parameters on the transmitter can be set by holding the speaker on the RM close to the microphone and pressing the pushbutton.

A “dweedle” tone will play from the RM speaker into the microphone and the parameter on the transmitter will be set immediately.

The RM2 offers an economical alternative, with the same functionality of the RM except the ability to change frequencies.

The RM is particularly useful for situations where an SM transmitter is concealed under a costume. A Single RM can make adjustments to any SM* in any frequency block through the SM’s microphone.

*Firmware version 1.5 or higher required for use with SM & SMD models.

See how it works!

Play or download these RM sound files and use them with a laptop or MP3 player to change settings on your SM transmitter*

LOCK .mp3 .wav
UNLOCK .mp3 .wav
SLEEP .mp3 .wav
UNSLEEP .mp3 .wav


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