Dual-Channel Slot Mount ENG Receivers

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The SR receiver offers two independent channels and fits into the standard video camera slots found on professional cameras. The two audio channels can feed separate inputs or can be mixed internally to feed a single camera input.

Two diversity modes are offered in the SR. SmartDiversity™ reception is employed by Independently combining antenna phase for each receiver channel. Alternately, the two channels can be used together in “True Diversity” Ratio mode as a single receiver.

Graphic spectrum scanning provides quick and easy location of clear operating frequencies for interference-free operation.

The two Digital Hybrid Wireless™ receivers inside the SR offer 256 frequencies each available block, and operate with any of the Lectrosonics 400 Series transmitters without a compandor in the audio path. In addition, compatibility modes also facilitate operation with Lectrosonics 100 Series, 200 Series, and IFB analog systems, along with analog transmitters from two other manufacturers. Transmitter battery strength is monitored in the SR when using compatibility modes for 200 and 400 Series transmitters.

While mounted on a camera, the SR is splash resistant—thanks to sealed membrane switches and LCD, along with a special gasket covering the slot opening. The SR can be used with slot-equipped Sony, Ikegami, or Panasonic professional cameras via optional connector kits. A standalone kit is also available that enables using the SR out of the camera slot, powered from external DC, and provides two locking mini-XLR analog audio outputs.

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Technical Details
Two independent channels in one housing
Digital Hybrid Wireless_ for pristine audio quality
All-metal construction for superior durability
RF Spectrum scanner for ease of finding clean channels


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